Selfie is a video-conversation app where users can speak to each other publicly or privately. I remotely designed, recruited for, conducted and shared results for a UX research study for Selfie while studying at Carnegie Mellon University. 

Our question
The main question that I was asking was what non-users thought Selfie was for and what their initial experience with the app was like. Things that I was looking for in this initial experience were the usability of the app and what they thought the app was actually for.
I spoke to CMU students to answer these questions. To recruit participants, I created a screener checking for their area of study, apps they use, if they had used the app before and levels of social media activity. I was looking for students not studying design, computer science or human-computer interaction as well as an equal distribution of students that are active and more passive in their social media use. 
Interviews and Analysis
During my study, I chose a few tasks for participants to complete like following someone and posting content. I gave participants these tasks as we went through the study to see their genuine initial reactions to the app. These tasks were followed by a brief interview to get an understanding of what kind of social media user the participants was. Things I was looking for were if the participant was more of an 'observer' on social media or more of an active participant, what they saw themselves using Selfie for and how they currently used social media. 
After presenting findings to the Selfie team, we decided to send a follow-up survey to see how many participants had continued to use the app and why.

Please contact me for more information on study findings.